August 21

Desktop Services

The typical desktop environment presents a wide range of potential software and hardware problems requiring a vast range of skills and capabilities to troubleshoot and resolve. Very few enterprises have the time, money, or resources to provide the comprehensive support their employees need to keep their desktop environments operational and productive. Fewer still have the necessary service delivery infrastructure to provide the same consistent levels of service to all types of employees – from headquarters, to branch offices, to home office, to on the road. With this in mind, C4 Computer Services created a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for maintaining and supporting your or your customers’ desktops – both locally and across the nation.

C4 Managed Desktop Services (MDS)

Managed Desktop Services (C4 MDS) is a predictable, cost-contained approach to fully managing your complex desktop support requirements without costly IT personnel or infrastructure investments. MDS provides remote problem resolution to your end users via our corporate service desk, diagnostic triage in situations that require it, and onsite support and repair to users in your or your customers’ corporate, remote, and home office environments as needed.